HCS’ combination of customer focus, experience, and capabilities makes us the perfect partner for general contractors, real estate investors, home builders, local governments, and private landowners.

We are site preparation experts comfortable working in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. Our deep experience and knowledge of the construction industry and process allow us to connect our work to the larger project in the most efficient way possible.

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Project Planning

We make sure we understand the scope and goals of the project, look ahead to identify any challenges or obstacles, and work with our customers to suggest innovative approaches to maximize efficiency and optimize the schedule.

We are problem solvers. Our Project Managers consider issues like optimal site access, traffic flow, landowner concerns, easement requirements, and environmental impact.

Clearing, Stripping & Grubbing

Hunter Contracting has the right personnel and equipment for any sized job. Our skilled approach to clearing and preparing the building site gets the job done fast without sacrificing safety, quality, or soil stabilization. Our team arrives on time, gets the work done, and gets out of the way.


Efficient and safe site demolition is often an important component for both effective site prep and keeping the construction project on schedule and within budget. The HCS team will efficiently remove structures, brush, and rubbish, hauling away all materials and disposing of anything that cannot be salvaged or repurposed.

Grading & Shaping

Properly leveling, grading, compacting and shaping the building site is a critical step for supporting any construction project, big or small. The HCS team sculpts the land to support the desired aesthetics, proper drainage and irrigation, local zoning and compliance requirements, and general environmental concerns.

hunter contracting site prep
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Efficiently hauling waste materials from the site not only minimizes safety and health risks but is vital to keeping a project running smoothly and on schedule.

In addition to hauling the materials required to complete the job to the site, the HCS team efficiently hauls waste materials from the site to minimize safety and health risks, while keeping the project running smoothly and on schedule.

Site Cleanup

One of the calling cards of a Hunter Contracting Services site preparation project is a clean, organized site after we’ve finished our work.

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